Surprising Health Benefits of Ziplining

Whenever someone mentions ziplining, they talk about the thrill of flying high in the sky, the incredible views, the experience of adventure, but what many fail to notice are the hidden health benefits of this great outdoor activity. Without much ado, let’s take a look at some of the possible health benefits of ziplining that you never really thought about before and may have overlooked.

Burns Calories: Yep! We are not messing with you. The hike as well as the energy required to complete the zipline ride will create a calorie deficit and help you burn fat. Fat reserves are used by the body whenever you create a healthy calorie deficit with outdoor physical activities. Exercise in this fun form is good for your body.

Good for the Heart: Cardiovascular activities such as ziplining are known to keep the heart in a good and healthy condition. The fresh air, the hike and the zip line ride will push you to do more in the future. It reduces your blood pressure and has numerous other benefits that keep your heart happy and healthy.

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Short walks between zips keep you active throughout

Relieves Stress: You are too focused on having fun zipping across exotic locations to worry about a bad breakup, pending bills, your annoying neighbour next door, or a well meaning aunt who’s worried about your marriage plans. All this and more can be forgotten when you go zipping next time. This reduces cortisol, that dreaded stress hormone responsible for changing the shape of your previously flat belly. What causes belly fat? Cortisol. How can you fight this ‘stress hormone’ cortisol? Ziplining is one way to go about it.

Eyesight health: Instead of staring non-stop at the screen, you can give your eyes a much needed health break and head out for any one of our amazing zip lining locations: Jodhpur, Kikar, Neemrana, Rishikesh. Pick one! During the zip ride, your eyes are forced to quickly focus on long distance objects and views, and this exercise is known to bestow your eyes with the ability to focus better.

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Stress buster of a view and experience!

Happy Hormones, happy you: We assure you that once the experience of ziplining is over, happy hormones will attack your mind and force you to feel better than ever. You may be too excited to control your feelings and may express unexplainable joy all over social media. Sharing the experience with friends and family gives you a new high and you feel better about living in the now. Some are of the opinion that this is better than eating an apple for health!

Interpersonal Relationships: Bring your friends along or plan a trip with your coworkers and the experience will help you bond and improve your interpersonal skills. Group activities, especially outdoor ones are great for reducing feelings of depression and loneliness.

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Nothing like an adventure shared with friends and family to get the happy hormones flowing!

Body, Mind and Soul experience: The philosopher in you will come to life and you will notice a marked change in your overall approach towards life. Not only will this experience improve your self esteem and fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment, it will prepare you for an adventure-filled life. You will learn to say ‘no’ to boredom. You will want more and you will seek more. The overall quality of your life improves when you start exploring and seeking more for yourself. Apart from physical health benefits, you can associate several mental health benefits with this thrilling ride.

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