We took a walk in the Rajasthan desert, we were amazed by what we found…

Step back in time at Neemrana’s superb stepwell Standing in the deepest point of the stepwell at Neemrana is a chilling and awe-inspiring experience. Chilling because the air here, 200 feet below the surface, is 10 degrees cooler than at desert level. And the sheer scale of human imagination, ingenuity and effort required to construct… Read More

Team profile – Our Founder and MD, Jono Walter

Jono Walter founded aerial adventure company Flying Fox in 2007 with Dickie McCallum, with the idea of settling down after half a lifetime of getting himself into trouble up mountains, down white-water rivers and inside jungles. After studying comparative religions at Cambridge, Jono headed into the Gurkhas, an elite group of ruthless Nepalese fighters within… Read More

Team profile – Our Operations Director, Alistair “Scotty” Scott

Operations Director: Making sure we operate safely, smoothly and to international standards. Born in a small town in Staffordshire, central England, Scotty soon discovered his passion for adventure sports, in fact, his father tells us that from a very young age he discovered the thrill of climbing up anything available, to then spontaneously jump off… Read More

All the life fulfilment, without the life shortening..

You’re on the edge. You take a breath and try to ignore what feels like lead bricks rattling around in your stomach. Soon there will be 70m of air separating you from the white water rapids of the river Ganges, you have to trust the few nylon straps wrapped around your waist and a 12mm… Read More