4 Fears You Can Fight With Ziplining

Ever felt like standing on top of a cliff while screaming your lungs out, or fly high in the sky like a free bird? You have seen others do it, but never had the courage to do such things yourself. Happens more commonly than you think. Many are repressed because of fears that have become a part of their mental makeup. Something seems to hold you back even from imagining such feats – FEAR! The fear of taking decisions, the fear of doing something new, or even the fear of travelling alone, the fear of making a fool of yourself, etc.

The good news is, you can overcome all such fears with a fun-filled aerial zipline ride. It’s psychological and you gotta try it to believe it. Happiness is guaranteed!

Acrophobia (Fear of heights) and Aeroacrophobia (Fear of open high places)

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When you stand and look out at the wide open space from hilltops, tall buildings, you may start trembling, feeling sick, sweating excessively. That’s fear of open high places – aeroacrophobia. Even standing or climbing a high altitude point can send chills down the spine of those who have acrophobia (fear of heights). The symptoms mentioned are common among those who suffer from this fear of heights.

A zipline tour is  an ideal way to get over this fear. Choosing an exotic location such as Neemrana, Rishikesh, Kikar, or Jodhpur will give you the perfect view and the much needed momentum. So, here’s what you can look forward to while zipping high in the sky: glistening rivers, green forests, hill ranges, valleys, chirping birds, and much more. As you delve in the capturing panoramic view, your fear of high open spaces and heights will just disappear.

Aviophobia or Aviatophobia (Fear of flying)

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Your business trips and holiday plans may run into difficulties and never take off because of your fear of flying by air. Well, this fear of flying, known as aviatophobia is mainly caused by heights, plane crash, claustrophobia, and motion sickness.

Our zipline instructors at Flying Fox ensure that you have moments to cherish for life when you take the tour.  The finest safety equipments and round the year quality checks will make you feel better about choosing us. There’s safety brief; you can get some practice before the real action.

To start with, go for a short distance and get a feel of the flying experience. Gradually, you upgrade to the longer distance. And once you experience it, you will only ask for more because it’s completely safe, with an amazing view  and open spaces adding to the magnetic appeal of this activity. At no point will you feel claustrophobic.

Atychiphobia (Fear of failure)

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The one thing that always stops us from starting our own venture or taking risks is the fear of failure. Atychiphobia – the fear of failure can have adverse effects on our relationships, job, business, and on life itself. Lack of confidence is one of the reasons why we tend to have this fear.

Trying this activity will help you conquer this fear because it takes a lot of confidence to do it. You will zip from one point to another high up in the air, hanging onto a strong steel zip line with harness and a pulley safely guarding you.

After the zip ride, you will notice a tremendous change in your perspective towards life and the need for letting go. This will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment and a trust in yourself – Yes, I can do it. The confidence you gain will help you face life or rather welcome it with great enthusiasm.

Face your fears, and overcome them. Go zipping so that you don’t have to live with the fear of missing out.

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