Adventure begins with Ziplining

When you have a strong urge to set out on an adventure, we understand how tough it is to hold yourself back. You find yourself looking up options of all the things you can possibly do. You figure out where to go, and what you should do once you get there. River rafting, bungee jumping, mountain cycling, rock climbing, scuba diving, camping. The list of possibilities is an endless one.

However, before finalising what you should indulge in first, take a look at your list again. Does zipline figure anywhere on that list?

Stunning bird’s eye-view of ground locations, adrenaline-pumping activity, a great time with friends- these are just some of the things you can experience while ziplining. Try ziplining and let us know about your experience. It’s always good to know someone else’s perspective.

The thrill and fun combo

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Views inaccessible from anywhere else!

Only physical exhaustion and no fun will make you run away from the very thought of ‘adventure’. The thing that’s bound to stick with you about ziplining is that thrill and fun go side by side. It’s not just a heart-pounding activity that promises an adrenaline rush. Over hundred feet off the ground, harnessing on to a strong cable with the support of a pulley, you hit on the aerial trip (speeding on to a several hundred metres long zipline) – travelling from one point to another, capturing everything on the ground with your eyes. Isn’t that a deadly combo of fun and adventure? Who would have thought what was once just a transportation method would evoke so much interest as an adventure sport!

Get close to nature

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Fly High, Feel Alive

It’s a wonderful feeling to be one with nature and to be away from the screens that keep us hooked all day long. In the open sky, with wind gushing onto your face, glistening rivers and lakes, above the hill ranges, tree branches with leaves waving underneath as if they are encouraging you; colourful birds accompanying you in the flight – the sights you see are sure to make a mark on your mind. You can scream at the top of your lungs without having to worry about anyone around. This feeling is something incredible that one cannot fully express in words.

Total safety guaranteed

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Personal Protective Equipment

Ziplining is one of the safest outdoor activities. One amazing thing about it is that you won’t strain your body while doing it. Proper safety measures with the best equipment are in place to give you a memorable tour. There’s safety brief, a complete demonstration, and you can get some practice runs done beforehand.

Prepares you for tougher adventures

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Plants that adventurous streak!

You are one level up in the adventure score when you decide to zipline. You have just given a test of your grit, endurance, and your physical strength. This helps in loosening up, instils confidence in you, and gets you fully ready physically and mentally to upgrade to a tougher activity. So, go out there and emerge as a winner.

Oh! God damn, I am flying

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At some point in our lives, we have always wished if we could fly and glide like a bird in the blue sky. Well, zipline helps you fulfil this wish of yours. You can actually create and live this moment. You get to fly above the mighty rivers, treetops, forts, hills, jungles, and what not.

This is what we have to say about our experience with ziplining so far. What about you? Tried it yet? If not, get out there and go zipping!

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