5 Reasons to Go Ziplining in Rishikesh

Well known for being the adventure sports destination of India, ‘Rishikesh’ is a prime zipline location. White water rafting, trekking and ziplining are the activities of choice for all the adventure junkies thronging the foothills of the Himalayas. June, despite its heat and soaring temperatures fail to douse down the spirit of adventure among zipline enthusiasts. Those who visit Rishikesh for sightseeing or religious reasons are also drawn towards this unique sport.

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No other way to fly over the Ganges!

Here are 5 reasons why people chose to go ziplining in Rishikesh!

  1. Weekend getaway: Rishikesh is a top choice for adventure and thrill seekers, and getting away over the weekend is a common practice. Ziplining is on most of these recommended ‘things-to-do in Rishikesh’ lists and why wouldn’t it be! The amazing view of the Ganga, the white water rapids at Shivpuri and the view of the Himalayan foothills draw huge crowds every month.
  2. Proximity to Delhi NCR: People in Delhi NCR are always willing to head out of the city and try something new. There’s not much to do in the city itself for those who are looking for adventurous experiences, and Rishikesh has always emerged as a top destination for adventure and fun. If offers so much more than other tourist destinations in India. It’s a rich mix of the old and the new.
  3. Can’t wait to try ziplining: When you see people having fun and looking happy sliding on that 200-400 m high rope, you can’t help it but try it yourself. There are not too many locations in India where you can zip line, so Rishikesh it is!
  4. Gets you close to Nature: City life can drain you and stress you out completely. To rejuvenate, people often head towards Rishikesh and more often than not, one ends up ziplining and they are surprised at how relaxing an experience this is. It makes you forget about the mundane problems of ordinary life and gives you that much needed break to relax your body and mind.
  5. You come back for more: Once is simply never enough. The moment you are done, you start thinking about repeating your ziplining experience all over again. The mind has a way of making you seek what brings you joy. It’s addictive and memorable. You discover something new every time. Whether it’s the sights or the people or how you felt at that very moment, something about it is bound to attach itself as a wonderful memory.

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