Flying Fox uplifting the zip lining experience in India

Embark onto an aerial journey that promises oodles of fun, adventures, and spectacular views with Flying Fox, leading zip line tour operators in India.

Amazing zipline tours

Thrill-seekers can get a taste of heart-pounding adventures at 4 exotic locationsRishikesh, Neemrana, Kikar, and Jodhpur; you’re  sure to enjoy the best zip lining experience in India. Nothing compares to soaring high in the sky, over the hills, across the rivers, valleys, forts, and jungles. Hang onto a strong steel cable and capture the magnificent view in just a few minutes. Isn’t that tempting? See for yourself:

Offering something new to the adventure freaks, each zip line tour in India by Flying Fox is unique in terms of height, landscapes, and length. While you slide over the 15th century fort-palace in Neemrana through 1250m of flight overlooking the Aravali Mountains and Rajasthan’s countryside; you can experience something unqiue in Kikar, the first forest-based zip lining in India- also the longest zip line tour in South Asia!

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Five Flights Over A Fort-Palace: The World’s First Heritage Zip Line Tour, by Flying Fox at Neemrana Fort-Palace
Flying Fox, Flying Fox Kikar, Kikar Lodge, Punjab, zip lines, zip line tour, longest zip line tour in South Asia, adventure activities near chandigarh
Fly Fast Over The Jungle On The Longest Zip Line Tour in South Asia, at Kikar Lodge, Punjab- approximately 90 min drive from Chandigarh

Zip lining in Jodhpur is invigorating as you get to cover so much in a single zip tour. You zip high above the colourful Chokelao Garden, glide over Ranisar Lake and Balsamand Lake, and soak in the beauty of Mehrangarh Fort over the course of 6 zip lines. In Rishikesh, Flying Fox gives you the only zip tour across the River Ganges, letting you admire the marvellous views of Himalayan peaks and the gigantic Ganga.

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Six Spectacular Zip Lines Over The Lakes And Battlements of Mehrangarh Fort
Flying Fox, Flying Fox Rishikesh, Shivpuri, adventure activities in Rishikesh, things to do in Rishikesh, zip lining in Rishikesh, flying fox in Rishikesh
Soar Two Hundred Feet High Over The River Ganges

Leave your fear behind

No matter how adventurous you are, safety is still a big concern. Fret not; you are in the safe hands of Flying Fox- India’s only zip tour company that operates to international standard EN15567:2015 Samples of all components are test to destruction to demonstrate a minimum safety factor of 3, meaning everything is at least 3x stronger than it needs to be! All safety equipment is imported from Petzl, France and zip wires are checked daily by the instructors, quarterly by senior management, and yearly by an international third party, who also inspects operations and instructor training.

Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, Petzl, safety equipment, Flying Fox Kikar, Flying Fox India, ziplining
All Personal Protective Equipment is imported from Petzl, France, one of the world’s leading climbing brands

Every customer receives a verbal safety brief, a comprehensive demonstration, as well as a practice and assessment session on a mini zip. During the zipping itself, you’ll be supervised 100% of the time by trained instructors.

safety briefing by Flying Fox, zip lines, zip lining in India, adventure activities in India
Each customer receives safety briefing and the chance to practice on a smaller zip wire before the tour begins

So, are you up for a stunning bird’s eye-view of ground locations, and adrenaline-pumping activity? Add zip line tours by Flying Fox in your bucket list, and go zipping!

If taking on a feet journey tires you, hit the aerial route.

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