Unlimited Adventure: Ziplining, biking and much more in Kikar

Looking to infuse some high-end thrill in your mundane life? Heading straight to Kikar Lodge in Punjab will be the right thing to do. Nestled at the foot of Shivalik Hills, it is India’s First Private Forest Reserve. The place is a hotspot for a host of adventure activities. Flying Fox’s 5 zip line tour in Kikar is one of the main attractions here, and why wouldn’t it be as South Asia’s longest zipline tour?

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Fly Fast Over The Jungle On The Longest Zip Line Tour In South Asia, at Flying Fox Kikar

Situated in the village of Nurpur Bedi in Ropar District of Punjab, Kikar is about 2 hours drive from Chandigarh. Exciting Zipline tour operated by Flying Fox Asia is one of the reasons why weekenders drive down to this place for a break, plus the luxuriant green and the serene surroundings calm the stressed mind and body.

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Kikar Lodge serves as the tranquil location for the 5 zip line tour by Flying Fox

High, high above the lush forest

The greenest Zipline tour, Flying Fox Kikar is India’s first forest-based zipline adventure. From the lodge, trek uphill for about 15-20 minutes to reach the first ziplining spot. In fact, this short trek prepares your body for the adventure awaiting you. It is followed by a safety instruction and practice session; be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, Petzl, safety equipment, Flying Fox Kikar, Flying Fox India, ziplining
All Personal Protective Equipment is imported from Petzl, France, one of the world’s leading climbing brands. Every customer received a detailed safety brief and chance to practice on a smaller zip, always supervised by our instructors

You can very well imagine the excitement quotient when you zip high above the green forests, with some wild creatures lurking underneath; the squeaking birds and the screeching sound caused by the friction of cable and pulley, breaking the utter silence high above the ground.

This two-hour aerial adventure includes a 5 zipline tour offering you a panoramic view of Shivalik Hills. As you soar through 5 zip wires, ranging from the shortest 120m to the longest 400 m in length, pat your back as you just finished the longest zipline in South Asia. The whole zipping act is 1500m in length, and will surely leave you with an exhilarating experience.

Flying Fox Kikar, ziplining in kikar, Flying Fox Asia
Flying Fox Kikar takes you over canopies of forested valleys, and over the course of 5 zip-lines here, you get to skim treetops and take some serene treks through the beautiful jungle.

Whats more to explore in Kikar Lodge

Kikar Lodge is worth every penny you spent to make a trip to this enchanting location. It has a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities, and you can get indulged in several fun things to do.

Night safari

Set on to a night safari on jungle tracks with the twinkling stars accompanying you in the dark night. As the jeep steers into the depths of the jungle, you may meet sambar, wild boars, deer and exotic birds.


Give yourself a feel of war-zone scenario playing paintball with protective gear and high quality equipments on a well crafted landscape.


Get the sheer thrills of quad biking on 150 CC single seater bikes riding on specially designed tracks with different turns and obstacles to increase your difficulty level, and also to enhance your biking experience.


Test your endurance, physical strength, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape while rappelling down a 80 feet cliff.

The fun activity in Kikar does not end there. You can also experience horse riding, zorbing, water ball, buffalo cart rides, mountain cycling, and archery.

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