Neemrana’s Zipline Beckons Adventure Seekers

Water adventures or desert safaris, you must have experienced some, if not all. Now, it’s time to take adventure to a new high. Want to go zoom capturing the eye-catching aerial view with heart-pounding thrills? Zipline adventure is what we recommend for you; an invigorating high wire adventure.

Zipping All the Way

Ziplining in Neemrana, Things to do in Neemrana, Zip Tour Neemrana
Five Flights Over A Fort-Palace: The World’s First Heritage Zip Line Tour

You can savour the thrill of ziplining right at Neemrana Fort-Palace, India’s first heritage hotel, and a perfect weekend getaway, thanks to its proximity to Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. It is one of the most sought after escapades for a day trip or a weekend. And ziplining in Neemrana only adds to the charm of the Palace.

From the shortest 90m to the longest 400m, you can get the delight of the 5 zipline tour that lets you fly like a free bird zipping at 40kmph through 1250m of flight over the 15th century fort-palace. Glide over leafy treetops, and enjoy the spectacular views of the Aravali Mountains and its surroundings.

Operated by Flying Fox Asia, an aerial exploration of Neemrana gives you an unparalleled perspective of this amazing fort and Rajasthan countryside. No prior experience is required as the expert guides take best care of your safety, and provide on the spot training. Walk for 20-25 minute uphill, and that’s where the adventure beckons you. The whole zip tour lasts about 2 hours with tours running every 45 minutes.

What you need to know about Neemrana Fort

Ziplining in Neemrana, Things to do in Neemrana, Zip Tour Neemrana, Neemrana Fort entry
View of Neemrana Fort Palace from the Flying Fox zip tour

Neemarana Fort Palace is touted to be one of India’s oldest heritage resorts built during 15th century.  The fort was given a new lease of life by transforming into a heritage marvel. The 11-tiered fort palace has more than sixty well maintained, luxurious rooms with an amalgamation of traditional Indian and colonial furniture. There are two pools, hanging gardens, conference halls, wellness centre, in-house restaurant and bar.

More to do and explore in Neemrana

Other than the Flying Fox zipline tour, there are several things to do in Neemrana. Take a dekko of what it has in store for you.

Cultural Events

The fort is always buzzing with some cultural event. Neemrana Music Foundation organises a multitude of cultural extravaganza ranging from live music to splendid dance performances.

Ayurvedic Spa

Give yourself a rejuvenating treat with the excellent Ayurvedic spa services at the palace. It is an ideal destination to relax your body, mind and soul.

Vintage Car Ride

Transcend back to the old era with a 5 km Vintage Car Ride around the Neemrana village.

Alluring Chand Baori

Descend 170 steps down to the stepwell of magnificent multi-storied structure Chand Baori. As you go down, you will realise the construction gets smaller. The water is used for irrigation purpose.

Go Shopping

Local handloom, handicrafts, cool accessories, traditional decorative piece, crockery, and souvenirs; Neemrana is a shopper’s delight.

Camel Rides

Explore the Village with the company of a robust camel giving you a ride.

Besides, you can experience an audio-visual tour of the palace and discover its great history. So, why not set out for an adrenaline-pumping tour right away?

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