Fly fast over the jungle on the longest zip line tour in South Asia

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 Night Zipping!

 5 zip line tour | 1.5 - 2hrs

Flying Fox - Kikar


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Built over the Shivalik Hills, Flying Fox Kikar takes you over canopies of forested valleys, and over the course of our 5 zip-lines here, you get to skim treetops and take some serene treks through the beautiful jungle.

The entire tour takes approximately 2 hours which includes safety brief, practice zip, and short walks between each zip.

An early morning zip-tour would increase your chances of spotting some wildlife, such as a Cheetal or a Sambar, and you can then head back to the Kikar Lodge for a delicious meal and ample relaxing!

Want a unique experience? How about flying through the night sky? Check out our offers tab for more details.

Happy flyin’!

kikar lodge

The Kikar Lodge is a luxury eco-resort with a range of high-spec bungalows and tents, two swimming pools and a spa.

It's a great place to unwind for a weekend away from the hustle-bustle of city life in Chandigarh, Ludhiana or Jalandhar.

Apart from Flying Fox's longest zip tour, there are other adventurous activities to take on, including quad biking, rappelling / abseiling, paintball, and jungle jeep safaris, operated by the Kikar Lodge.

It is also an ideal destination for school trips and corporate off-sites and team building.

Our office is located inside the Lodge, in Ropar district near the village of Nurpur Bedi; 90 minutes drive from Chandigarh, 2 hours drive from Ludhiana or Jalandhar. If you’re driving, search for "Flying Fox - Kikar" on google maps, but once you reach Nurpur Bedi, it's better to follow the road signs to the Lodge.

Night Zip!
Unique experience in nothing but moonlight!
Full tour (6pm) & Single Zip (7:30pm, Rs1000)

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the zips

Zip 1: Trap Door (315m) - experience the ground drop away as this spectacular wire sends you soaring over a deep valley

Zip 2: Fly-by (400m) - Top Gun pilots couldn't buzz the ridge this close as you fly our longest wire over two valleys

Zip 3: Chhota Wallah (120m) - short but sweet, crossing a deep jungle valley with views of the Shivalik Hills in the distance

Zip 4: Leopard's Leap (270m) - a superb zip line, busting out from the jungle and flying over a hidden temple along the way

Zip 5: The Exhibitionist (315m) - this zip doesn't just take you home, it lands you at the party - don't forget to strike a pose for the punters at the bar!

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